Code: D-SCE

Diesel Resistant heat shrink cable identification system


D-SCE markers are used to identify wires and cables where exposure to organic fluids, especially oils, is required. D-SCE markers are designed to operate in elevated temperatures for extended periods of time, making them ideal in Aerospace, Rail and Marine industries. D-SCE markers are suitable for use in environments with temperatures of – 75°C to +135°C (– 103°F to +275°F), and will provide strain relief, insulation and protection from mechanical abuse.

Operating Temperature Range 

–75°C to 135°C (-103°F to 275°F)

Product Facts

  • Self-extinguishing, non-flame propagating
  • Resistant to key rail, industrial and military fluids (defined by RW-2519)
  • Designed for rugged environments
  • Military grade performance
  • Pre-termination Cable Identification
  • Sleeve diameters from 2.4mm to 38.1mm
  • Shrink ratio 3:1 
  • Supplied with side scoring
  • Thermal transfer printable