Miniwelder roof2

Code: Miniwelder roof2

Weldy Miniwelder roof2

Lightweight and easy to use. The miniwelder roof2 can be used on all pitched roofs and is ideal for all PVC and TPO inner roof membranes, up to 1 mm. The inner roof membrane does not flap when welding as the hot-wedge technology requires no blower air. Save money on toxic solvent-welding agents.

Product Features

  • Suitable for all pitched roofs, even with exceptional strain
  • Ideal for prefabrication
  • For thin 0.3–1 mm PVC and TPO inner roof membranes
  • Can be used at both high and low outdoor temperatures
  • Safe contact welding thanks to the chromium steel hot wedge
  • Ergonomic guide bar
  • User-friendly and weighs only 4 kg
  • No expensive, toxic solvent-welding agents required


Max overlapmm80
Temperature°C60 - 480
Speedm/min0.4 - 7.5
Weld Width mm40
Wedge Material
Stainless Steel
Material thicknessmm0.3 - 1.0  PVC and TPO
Size (L × W × H)mm228 x 228 x 170
Conformity markCE Certification