TDUX Inflatable Duct Sealing

TDUX inflatable duct sealing system is a wraparound, inflatable, mastic-lined bladder used to seal empty or filled cable ducts. When inflated to the proper air pressure, the TDUX duct sealing system seals the duct, guaranteeing a reliable water block. 

TDUX systems seal ducts with or without cables and can be installed even while water is flowing out of the duct. TDUX duct seals can be installed in cable ducts in manholes, vaults, buildings, cabinets, or anywhere a reliable duct seal is needed. Applications include ducts containing multiple copper, coax, or fiber cables, customer premises cable entrances, and air pipes.

TDUX duct seals can be installed between (-5°to 40°C) (23° to104°F). It is recommended that the TDUX sealant bag and gas cylinders be kept warm until installation when installed at temperatures below freezing.

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