FIST-GR3 Fiber Distribution Rack

All-purpose, easy-to-assemble FIST-GR3 and FIST-GR3F racks accommodate the FIST fiber management system in a central office, head-end or customer premises environment.

Several versions of the rack are available, one series based on the ETSI standard (600 mm wide); and one on the 15-inch standard (450 mm wide). With the addition of side ducts, total width of the rack framework varies between 600 and 1200 mm. Rack heights of 1.8 or 2.2 meters are available. All versions feature flexible shelf spacing and accept a range of accessories such as panels and doors to complete the installation.
Both racks house connector panels and separate shelves for splicing, patching, equipment and devices. The racks allow superior management and storage of pigtail and patch cord overlengths.

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