Kwikie Blank Duct Plugs

Kwikie Blank Duct Plugs are manufactured from a combination of high-impact plastic components and pliable, yet durable, gaskets. These mechanical duct plugs prevent the incursion sediment, water & sewage into empty duct / subduct networks making it much easier and quicker to utilise them when required. The plugs provide an airtight seal preventing the circulation of foul air & dangerous gases. Blank plugs are fully reusable, for Installation instructions click here

Each blank plug features a rope-tie to secure pull-rope to the plug’s back-compression plate. By attaching the rope to the back-compression plate, excess slack is readily at-hand for future use. Easily installed, or removed, they provide a simple and highly effective sealing solution for building entrances and manholes. 

There is an extensive range of sizes available, below are the popular sizes we stock for the Irish market, for the full range please click here

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