FOSC-DMARC closure is the environmentally sealed enclosure for the fiber management system that provides the functions of fiber splicing and patching in the external network.

FOSC DMARC saves operators from having to allocate and manage precious indoor space for meet me facilities.
The single-element design makes the FOSC-DMARC the ideal solution for a flexible carrier demarcation point with a capacity of 
up to 4 carriers of 12 fibers each. Extra carriers/customers can be connected to the backbone side of the network without disturbing other, already connected carriers/customers.
FOSC-DMARC has the following functions and features
• Single-ended design
• Base and dome are made of a thermoplastic material and are sealed with a clamp and O-ring system
• 5 round entry/exit ports for drop cables and 1 oval port for 2 cables are included in the base
• Cable can be sealed with either heatshrink for older duct type cables or cold applied gel seals for Mini cable
• Splicing and patching area are separated by 2 hingeable doors with individual integrated lock
• Carrier side: pigtail strain relief panel (48 pigtails or for the full patch version a 48 connector patchpanel) Backbone side: 48 connector patchpanel, suitable for all connector adapter types
• Pigtail or jumper overlength storage area
• Adaptors use the latest precision alignment sleeves to IEC 61754. All connectors are low insersion loss IEC 61755-1 Grade B
• Factory-installed transportation tubes allow a fast and easyinstallation
• Pre-fibering of pigtails at backbone side and/or carrier side is possible
• Closures are standard equipped with ground feed-through and pressure relief valve. 

Manufactured by Cable Accessories Ltd under license from CommScope