CommScope’s fiber optic splice closures are synonymous with excellence in sealing, fiber management, ease of use and design flexibility. Building on almost 30 years of innovation and industry leadership, TENIO closures enable 30-percent faster, future-proof network deployments in 30-percent less space.

TENIO closures feature modular building blocks and combine proven fiber management hardware with a new sealing system to simplify training and reduce inventory. The closure’s 100-percent mechanical, tool-less and intuitive design facilitates lower-skilled network deployments. Full modularity of the closure platform supports a phased CAPEX network deployment scheme, reducing up-front CAPEX investment. CommScope’s superior gel-sealing technology guarantees sealing for most commonly available cable types. Designed for use with various cable constructions (loose buffer tube and microsheath), the closures deploy in any environment (aerial, pedestal, handhole, manhole).

The TENIO fiber enclosure is a modular single-ended splice enclosure, offered in two sizes:

TENIO B6 - can accommodate up to 12 fiber splice trays (type S12 or A12). Each tray houses 12 fiber splices, for a capacity of maximum 144 fiber splices per closure.

TENIO C6H - can accommodate up to 12 fiber splice trays (type SLE). Each tray houses 24 fiber splices for a capacity of maximum 288 fiber splices per closure.

The cable diameter of the TENIO ranges from 2-16 mm (0.08-0.63’’). Depending the required cable range, the enclosure can be composed of various combinations of dedicated cable seal segments. The TENIO can hold in total 6 seal segments. Each seal segment (9 variants in total) is adapted to a specific cable range. These gel seals are put under pressure after installation by engaging the seal mechanism. The seal mechanism exists of 2 latches to seal the dome on the base and a tightening system engaged with the trigger to seal the cables.

Key features for the TENIO closures:
  • Superior sealing performance
  • Tool-less and easy installation
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Cable construction independent
  • Dedicated storage locations
For more information please click on the TENIO Fiber Closures Product Selection Guide

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