FACT Optical Distribution Frame

FACT ODF system, enables faster and easier installation in a high density environment. The toolless system approach and the high level of modularity guarantee an easy migration path towards new connectivity platforms and expansion of existing central office sites.

With a compact and lightweight frame, high-density plug-and-play elements, and full-frontal access, the FACT optical distribution frame system scales smoothly and logically. The innovative snap-on design requires no tools—reducing installation time by as much as 50 percent. Systemaintenance is enhanced as well. All fibers remain identifiable and accessible, allowing technicians to:

· Support up to 2,688 individually accessible LC fiber connections in a fully front-accessible frame

· Locate and trace individual fibers along easy-to-follow cable routing paths

· Complete moves, adds and changes quickly and accurately

· Minimize installation time to live connections through ample room to work

· Reduce inventory and increase component availability with a single fixed patch cord length for all in-rack and panel


· Manage interconnects as well as cross-connects

· Perform advanced splicing, management and storage from a single point

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