ODF Rack, Shelves & Accessories

For outside plant and inside plant deployments, Cable Accessories Ltd offers an extensive portfolio of shelfs, panels, racks and cabinets engineered to provide superior cable management and bend-radius protection for your fiber-optic cabling. Whether you need a high density optical distribution frame (ODF), fiber cabinet, FTTX fiber distribution hub (FDH) or an open frame rack—our solutions are scalable for future growth and easy to install. Unlike standard products in the marketplace, these products are modular and agile, specifically designed for today’s fast changing, fiber-dense environments.

Cable Accessories Ltd stock full range of CommScope’s Shelfs, Panels, ODF's and Cabinets. Don't hesitate to contact us as we're here to help when your trying to make the right decisions. For full product range, technical support and further information please contact our sales team.