The FIST series proven platform is known for it's ease of Installation and futureproof flexibility, mainly used in the feeder and distribution network where transient fiber management is the key driver. The FIST Closure system was introduced over 20 years ago and is the original tubeless management system. Since then it has been approved and is currently used by the majority of Irish operators in their core and backbone networks simply because of it's reliability and flexibility. 

The FIST Closure system consists of modular building blocks or organisers called FIST SOSA see datasheet here This scalable approach allows network planners to design for future requirements while deploying costs until requirement / rollout. 

The closure is compatible with all current cable types such as Loose tube, Blown fibre, 200 Micron, Slotted core, Single core, Ribbon, ADSS etc. new cable types will also be supported as they become available. The FIST organiser is available in a variety of different size closures and bases as follows; 

FIST GCO2 Bx - Round dome with a double sided organiser. Multiple drop (16) & Multi-operator, Hetashrink or Cold applied seal, datasheet here

FIST GCO2 Fx - Flat rectangular dome and a single sided organiser, Heatshrink or Cold applied seal, datasheet here

FIST GCOG2 BX - Round dome with double sided organiser mechanical base for duct cable and drops, datasheet here

FIST GCOG2-Dx24 - Round dome with double sided organiser mechanical base for Microtubes and Microcables, datasheet here

FIST - EDSA - Flat Rectangular Dome, single sided organiser, Mechanical base 48 x drop (FTTH) & main loop port, datashee here  

With over twenty years expertise supplying the FIST closure to the Irish market Cable Accessories are delighted to offer planning information, samples and help in selecting the correct FIST closure for your application. We keep a large selection of the FIST closures and accessories available ex-stock.

Don't hesitate to contact us as we're here to help when your trying to make the right decisions. For full product range, technical support and further information please contact our sales team.