FOSC - Fiber Optic Splice Closures are a family of fiber optic splice closures utilizing both heat shrink and mechanical cable sealing, for use in all fiber splicing applications in outside plant fiber networks.  Mechanical cold applied cable sealing is suitable for all mini and micro type cables. FOSC closures use mass fibre splicing and are normally only installed where future access to the fibers is not planned or required. 

     FOSC 400 closures are designed for “butt splices” of fiber cable. i.e. all cables enter one end of the closure and is thus suitable for splicing away from the manhole pit typically in a van. FOSC 400 B4 continues to be the most popular closure in the Irish market with over 4000 pces providing reliable service since it's introduction in 1999.

       FOSC closures can be used with any type of cable for aerial, direct buried or manhole applications.

The main FOSC 400 family consists of three closures: 

FOSC 400 D5- Up to 288F ( or 3456F if using Ribbon)
FOSC 400 B4- Up to 144F
FOSC 400 A4- Up to 48F

The letters A, B and D indicate the size of the closure. 
The numbers 4, and 5 indicate the number of single round ports on the base of the closure. 
All closures also have an oval port for two single cables or an uncut, 'Loop' cable, where tubes / fibres are not cut but stored instead
All closure kits come with everything required to terminate two cables (diameter 10mm to 25mm) in the oval port using a heat-shrink seal.
For further information on FOSC 400 see datasheet here 
Additionally if preferred there is also a cold applied version FOSC400BG see datasheet here The FOSC400BG version utilizes mechanical seals for sizing & capacity see datasheet here
FOSC 600 closures are designed for mass fibre splicing of large ribbon fibre counts up to 3456F. We supply these for the Hyperscale market in Ireland. For further details see the datasheet here

To order a closure and accessories you need know the following;
• How many cables will enter the closure?
• How many splices splices do you wish to store per tray? Trays have a capacity for 24 splices however some operators prefer to only store 12 splices per tray
• What size are the cables? (Diameter and number of fibers?)
• How many fibers will be spliced and how many expressed (uncut) through the closure?
• Is it necessary to mount the closure?

Cable Accessories Ltd stock full range of CommScope’s FOSC Closures and Accessories. Don't hesitate to contact us as we're here to help when your trying to make the right decisions. For full product range, technical support and further information please contact our sales team.