FiberGuide is a revolutionary fiber-optic raceway system that routes and protects cabling in your data center. Suspended from the ceiling, this innovative raceway allows you to take the most direct path from one end of your data center to the other, and facilitates the addition, removal or replacement of fiber cables.

Easy to design and simple to install, this fiber solution requires no special tools to deploy and features myriad fittings, support structures, drop options, bends and straight sections to accommodate your data center's exact size. Plus, our Express Exit™ system enables new drops to be added or removed quickly and easily—where a drop can be added into a fully loaded raceway in seconds without any cutting.

The FiberGuide system is a complete set of products designed and manufactured to ensure total off-frame protection and ease of use. Basic components include horizontal and vertical straight sections, horizontal and vertical elbows, downspouts, junctions and numerous support hardware and flex-tube kits. 

Available in a variety of sizes: 

  • 50MM x 50MM – Ideal for smaller installations or for vertical routing of a maximum of four hundred 2 mm fiber optic patch cords. All 50MM x 50MM FiberGuide products are shipped with covers,
  • 50MM x 150MM – Designed for height restricted environments, this robust system provides the same support and system flexibility of the traditional 100MM high system while saving 50MM of overhead space. It features a maximum capacity of 1,200 2 mm patch cords,
  • 100MM x 100MM – Features the maximum capacity to support 1,600 2 mm patch cords. It has been engineered to allow straight sections to be self-supporting over a span of up to 1.83 m, 
  • 100MM x 150MM – Features the same benefits of the 100MM system and a maximum trough capacity of 2,400 2 mm patch cords,
  • 100MM x 300MM – The 300MM wide trough has a maximum capacity to support nearly 5,000 2 mm patch cords. Perfect for runs over fiber frame lineups and perimeter routes,
  • 100MM x 600MM – The 600MM system is the ultimate raceway solution to securely route and protect patch cords over high-density optical distribution frames including CommScope's Next Generation Frame (NGF) and Next Generation 3 Frame (NG3). Designed for maximum capacity, this robust system provides the same support and flexibility as the traditional 100MM x 300MM system while doubling capacity.

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