Roofer RW3400

Code: Roofer RW3400

Weldy Roofer RW3400

With the roofer RW3400, you obtain a high welding performance at a low price The overlap welding machine is ideal for all thermoplastic membranes up to 1.8 mm. With its automatic start-up system and ease of use, the RW3400 guarantees reliable welds.

Product Features

  • Freely-selectable speed up to 7.5m per minute
  • High-performance 3400W hot-air gun for the desired temperature and air volume
  • Automatic start-up system for optimal welding start
  • Guide bar and handle for ergonomic use
  • Integrated laser control


Welding Nozzle mm40
Temperature°C20 - 600
Speedm/min1.0 - 7.5
Dimensionsmm445 x 280 x 320